Magisters' Terrace ( 5man )


Selin Fireheart

Siphon Fel Crystal: Siphons mana from a nearby Fel Crystal, drawing energy from it. Will continue until either the crystal is destroyed or Selin's mana is full.
Fel Explosion: Area of effect damage spell, cast continually until Selin is out of mana.
Drain Life: Randomly targeted channeled spell, deals damage and heals Selin. Should be interrupted.

The barrier door CLOSES when you start this encounter, so have your group inside before starting. Our healer was able to heal through the door but if too many of you are outside you'll wipe.

As stated above this fight is almost the same as the final boss of The Steamvault.

When you come up to his room you will see large green crystals around. Pull him to one of these crystals and start DPSing him. He will start to channel onto one of the crystals. At this point you must destroy the crystal before he is finished channeling. Move him to a new crystal once one is down.

He will also Drain Life/Mana, which can be easily dispelled if you have a class to do it.


Chain Lightning: Randomly cast on group members. Deals 1850 to 2150 nature damage and jumps to nearby players, dealing more damage with each jump.
Summon Pure Energy: Summons Pure Energy to join the fight. These adds have extremely low hit points and will fly around the room casting Energy Bolt, which deals 2828 to 3172 arcane damage. Upon death the adds will debuff the player that killed them with Energy Feedback, which deals 300 arcane damage per second and increases damage done by 50%. Note that the debuff stacks.
Overload: At 10% health, Vexallus begins casting this spell every 2-3 seconds. It deals 1000 arcane damage and increases arcane damage taken by 10%. It is an area of effect spell with unlimited range and it will stack indefinitely.

This fight is similar to the Curator encounter in Karazhan. Properly controlling the adds is the key to victory.
DPS classes should take turns killing the adds so as to prevent the damage debuff from stacking too high but to also ensure all group members benefit from the damage increase.
The group should spread out to avoid having the chain lightning jump.
Long cooldown damage abilities such as Adrenaline Rush, Bloodlust / Heroism, and Arcane Power should be saved for the final part of the fight to ensure Vexallus gets taken down quickly. Failure to do will result in a wipe since the debuff stacks up very quickly.
Healers must be sure to continue healing through all the debuffs even after Vexallus has been defeated.

Priestess Delrissa

Dalrissa has 4 adds
The mobs are CC-able. IMO, it's best to use any CC you have on there CC as they will use it (blind, fear I have encountered).
The Priestess will spawn with four NPCs, randomly chosen from the following:

Apoko (shaman) - Drops Totems (Windfury, Fire Nova) Heals
Eramas Brightblaze (blood elf fury warrior) Pummel
Ellrys Duskhallow (blood elf warlock) - Uses Shadow Bolt, Fear, and Seed of Corruption. Has an Imp pet named Fizzle, which can be killed quickly.
Garaxxas (satyr hunter) - Comes with a pet ravager named Sliver. Can use Freezing Trap.
Kagani Nightstrike (blood elf rogue) - Uses Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot, and Gouge. Has Crippling Poison on his weapon. Can Vanish and reappear next to a random target.
Warlord Salaris (naga warrior) - Uses Mortal Strike and Intimidating Shout. Hits hard.
Yazzai (ethereal mage) - Uses Frostbolt, Blizzard, and randomly Polymorphs a target.
Zelfan (gan'arg engineer) - throws bombs

All of the NPCs are crowd-controllable, including Priestess Delrissa, but are immune to taunt
focused on the Priestess first. Alternatively she can be ignored and allowed to heal as she will run out of mana very quickly.
If there is only one member in the party who can dispel Magic effects, it's advised to let Shadow Word: Pain stay on this player, as it will break any crowd control from the group that lands on you. This is especially important for healers.

Kael'thas Sunstrider




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