T10 VS T9 Agi VS ArP


For me the spreadsheet lists 4p t10 as a huge dps loss over 2p t10 and 2p t9, about 250 dps. Even when I do finally get 4p t10.5 it's only a 30 or so dps increase. The stick is that most of us are at about 55% crit unbuffed, and in raid buffs, easily over 60%, this means that SS is critting very very often. Giving up that double damage crit that's always up hurts alot. while there may be instances where using multiple mobs with SS on it to proc the 4p t10, it would still be a dps loss to not have that SS critting on those multiple mobs.

Concerning the 2p T9/2p T10 vs. 4p T10, several factors that effect the result for different people:
- Do you have T9.245 or 258? If your remaining T9 pieces are 245 instead of 258, the switch will occur with lower T10 pieces.
- How much ArP you have stacked. The T10 pieces have more ArP than the T9 pieces. Hence, while 2p T9 worked out still better for me while I had lower ArP, as I stacked more in offset pieces, it casued the 4p T10 to move ahead.
- What other upgrade can you wear when switching out. When I went 4p T10, I no longer needed my T9 legs and could use the crafted legs instead. So although the addition of my 4th T10 piece was a small DPS gain, the switching of the legs made it a huge gain.

Concerning agi vs. ArP gemming/consumable swap, there is no magic cutoff. Where the threshold is depends on many factors including your standard raid buffs/debuffs, your crit percent, number of sockets bonuses that would be lost. I use the spreadsheet as an indicator, but the progression in the case of no ArP trinket is kind of like the following as you ArP on gear increases:
- Originally agi > ArP so gem agility mostly with a Nightmare Tear for meta gem requirements, deadlies for yellow sockets to get good socket bonuses, and glinting/rigids for hit in yellow sockets.
- Eventually Agi will roughly equal ArP and you can go either way
- Then ArP > agi by enough to make the switch worthwhile but at this point you only want to regem your delicates to fractured (no socket bonus losses) since keeping deadlies in yellow sockets are still better due to the socket bonuses
- As ArP increases, it will be beneficial to replace the deadlies in yellow sockets with fractured starting with those with the worse socket bonuses until eventually you have all fractured besides those you need for meta and hit




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